Audio Collage mix set mash up 

This is an audio production I produced for a photographic exhibition at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart in March 1998.

The intension of the exhibition was to make a connection between popular culture and art. It documents opposing images of fans and their stars at open air concerts or within club culture.

The show was a series of portraits and images taken by Maya Mueller Photographer. 

This is a mash up of samples and tunes chosen by Maya and me. To be consumed as a radio production/mix set/exiting looping techniques.

It was entirely produced on Logic (while it was still owned by emagic).

The audio samples are derived from various interviews with fans and stars such as Max Herre (Freundeskreis), Michael Beck (Die fantastischen Vier) and various others such as a bunch of Gary Barlow fans that slept outside of a venue in Hamburg to get to see their star. In addition some heavily edited words by the ambulance services that deal with having to care for girls that pass out in the front row of gigs. It is all in german language.

The audience had to take their shoes off and walk barefeet on mulch while they looked at the images and heard the audio collage :)